senior java developer and architect
The processes of designing, developing, testing and supporting are one BIG "conversation" between the leaders, developers, testers and all people involved in the project, or simply between the TEAM. In order to make a project successful I must be in the creative part of the TEAM. To be one who makes the "conversation" fascinating as a result. All the processes are important, so we should create them as better as possible.

I think that the successes of all my projects are because I am really dedicated to the projects I am working on. I love my job and it is really a thrill for me. I am always eager for obtaining new valuable skills and improving my knowledge.

There is no rest for the good ones in the industry.

The following are some thoughts and recommendations from supervisors, co-workers, and team members I have had the privilege to work with.
Senior SOA consultant Mr. Sandeep Enagala
Software Development Manager
Cisco Systems
The projects could not have been completed without your efforts. Your dedication to the success of these project was evident to all of those around you. Day in and day out, you displayed focus on your tasks as well as a clear awareness of the dependencies between your activities and those of other team members. You consistently identified and mitigated risks and issues. Your individual contributions and cross-functional collaboration were critical. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
Senior java Developer Mr. Parillo, Marco A.
Project Manager (ServiceAgents)
IBM Corporation
Others are better qualified to opine on Stan's technical abilities, but, for me, I would like to touch on a personal trait of his...his reliability. Reliable people keep their promises. In my experience, not only has Stan *ALWAYS* kept *ALL* his promises, but he often managed to step in and keep other people's promises, without ever a single complaint, and not even calling attention to this. He is somebody I would always want on my side.
Senior java Developer Mr. Sajan Lukose
Project Lead (AIX Service Agent)
IBM Corporation
It has been my privilege to have worked with Stanimir Stanev at IBM. His technical expertise has proven invaluable as well as his general readiness to contribute and work with the team. He takes directions very well and is flexible enough to make decisions on his own. I find he can work either independently or as an integrated team member. All tasks that I have given him have always come in on time and as specified. He is a very good and detail developer. One that will always make a major contribution to any project.
Microsoft Senior Software Developer Mr. Ivan Penkov
Microsoft, Corp., Redmond, WA, USA
Senior Software Developer
I'm happy to know Stan for more than 10 years. He is a very good person, friend and a solid professional. He is bright, knowledgeable and possesses a very nice sense of humor. He really likes his job and works very hard. Working with him is very pleasant. He becomes the key person in every project he's involved in very quickly and I can say that he is the perfect project manager. He proved to be an invaluable asset for all companies he worked for and I'm sure this trend will continue.
Steve's Web Site Mr. Steve Crilly
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Stanley is one of the finest programmers I have worked with and I have tried many. Thanks Stanley all the help and great work on I think that you are very motivated and like a challenge at work! You really know what you are doing and you are doing it GREAT!
Senior java Developer Mr. Saikumar K. Chandrashekar
Contractor, IBM Corporation, Austin / TX
I have worked with Stanimir Stanev for an year at IBM, Corp. and I should say that I was quite fortunate to work with a person like him. His technical knowledge is excellent and he has a great capacity to understand any technology in shortest possible time. To mention some of his skills that I have observed: he is a really quick learner, has a strong JAVA programming skills, great understanding and designing ability of Object Oriented Technology. Above all these, he has such a simple and good behaviour which is as great as his technical and managerial capability. While working with him, I realized that he becomes a key person in whatever project he gets involved. I can assure anybody that by hiring Stan, for any position, he will become a valuable asset for such a company and he will bring a rich culture and experience along with him.
BMC Project Manager Mr. Ivelin Atanasov
BMC Software, Austin, TX, USA
Project Lead
Q) How long and in what capacity have you known Stanimir?
A) I've known him for over 12 years. We have studied together in college (10 years ago) and we work together for Cyberfort for the last 3 years.

Q) What do you think of Stanimir's technical & managerial abilities? What are his special areas of expertise?
A) 1. Has a lot of technical content. Not only is he an expert in JAVA, DHTML and other Internet technologies, but he also has good understanding of Information Technology and Computer Science fundamentals. A) 2. For the time he worked with Cyberfort, Stanimir has never missed a deadline. On many occasions he had to deal with insufficient resources and short deadlines. He always maintains a good sense of reality and calmly makes executive decisions on short notice.

Q) How does Stanimir get along with management, peers, consultants, those he mentors, & customers?
A) 1. He started as a junior software developer 3 years ago and is now VP R&D. This fact alone should tell enough how well he handles his job. Very dedicated to the work. Late hours and overtime are not a rare thing for him.
A) 2. He never lost a team member to another company or team.

Q) How would you rate Stanimir's work ethic? Does Stanimir invest himself into his work? How do you think Stanimir would respond to resolving trouble calls after hours?
A) Has a very polished sense of customer relations. Never complained or shown discomfort of answering calls when out of the office.

Q) To your knowledge does Stanimir have any bad habits which would interfere with his ability to fulfill his responsibilities?
A) Yes. He tought his wife to wait for him long after hours in the office. She's about to become a programmer herself and forget about her house keeping duties :)

Q) Do you remember any key accomplishments Stanimir contributed while he worked with you?
A) SecuredBooks has about 250'000 lines (100% pure JAVA). At least 80% were written by Stanimir himself. The rest were contributed by his team members. SecuredBooks has amazing quality, very small foot print on the client side and a lighting speed of client/server communication.

Q) Given the right opportunity would Stanimir be rehired?
A) Once he starts, he gets obsessed by his work and doesn't get distracted by side events. Not likely to change work unless all pending projects are complete.

Cyberfort CEO Dr. Jaime M. Perez, Ph.D.
Cyberfort, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA
Chairman of the Board and CEO

It is not often that I spend time to write a recommendation for an employee of my firm but Mr. Stanev Stanimir is an exception. Mr. Stanimir has worked under my supervision as VP of Development, Products Testing Director and Sr. JAVA developer for almost three years of two of my corporations in Bulgaria, both of which are subsidiaries of Cyberfort, Inc.

I am honored and proud to share with you that Mr. Stanimir has been the key architect in all of our development efforts in various products found at and was instrumental in completing work for several of our U.S.-European customers websites as well as working diligently with some of our major local and International customers in Houston.

I can assure you that Cyberfort will suffer a BIG loss when he departs to seek new employment opportunities but YOU will gain a tremendous asset in any technical capacity that you have in mind for him. If the week had 80 hours, Mr. Stanimir would work 78! It is rare that you find someone of his caliber, dedication, honesty, and most important, with the highest integrity to his company and excitement for his work. He was so good that he basically worked himself out of a JOB in JAVA development with us! Not too many developers can claim such a feat!

WebMessenger Senior JAVA Developer Mr. Ivailo Georgiev
Webmessenger, Inc., LA, CA, USA / Sofia Bulgaria
Senior JAVA Developer
It was a really pleasure for me to work with Stanimir. We worked perfectly together. He is an easy-going person and works neat and professionally. Namely these virtues made the work with him facile.
Mr. Derrick Idehen
London, UK
I think Stanley is a great architect and developer after completing a project on Aglet (software agents in JAVA) for me. He made it seem so simple it's unbelievable. I would recommend Stanley to anyone wanting help on areas I know Stanley specialises. Thank you very much Stanley.
Mrs. Daphne Dristy, Manchester, CT
SearchFit customer
Thanks for all the help Stanley. You've been a great help and I appreciate you taking the time to explain things. You have a very nice way of explaining things so its very understandable, that's a gift that many are lacking.
Mrs. Cyndie Shaffstall, Lakewood, CO
SearchFit customer
Stanley, you're the only person I know that puts in as many hours as I do. I can't tell you how many times over the years that your speedy responses have saved me dozens of hours of work.

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